Wood crafts that sell at farm markets

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  • Wood craft items you can sell

    Wood Burning Art:

    Create beautiful pieces of art using a wood burning tool to create designs or patterns on wooden boards, coasters, cutting boards, or even furniture. You can also personalize items with custom messages or names for an extra special touch.

    Pre-Built Small Raised Garden Kits:

    Offer pre-assembled raised garden kits made from durable woods like cedar or redwood. These kits can be sold in various sizes and shapes, making it easy for customers to grow their own herbs, vegetables, or flowers at home.

    Custom Planters:

    Build planters in different sizes and styles to fit customers’ unique needs. Use reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood to add a rustic touch to the planters. You can also offer custom engravings or paint colors to match customers’ outdoor decor.

    Handcrafted Garden Tools:

    Create garden tools like hand-forged trowels, cultivators, and rakes. Use hardwoods like oak or maple for durability and comfort. Add a personalized touch by engraving the customer’s name or initials onto the handle.

    Decorative Birdhouses:

    Build birdhouses that double as works of art, featuring intricate carvings, paintings, or other embellishments. Use weather-resistant woods like pine or spruce to ensure they last for years to come.


    Personalized Cutting Boards:

    Design cutting boards with fun shapes, patterns, or personalized messages. Use high-quality woods like cherry or walnut for their durability and beauty.

    Coasters and Coaster Holders:

    Create sets of coasters made from natural stone, wood, or cork. Offer matching coaster holders that can be personalized with names or initials.

    Wooden Serving Trays:

    Build serving trays in various sizes and shapes, using sturdy woods like poplar or birch. Add a finishing touch by applying a food-safe finish and adding handles made from leather or rope.

    Herb Planters:

    Design planters specifically for growing herbs, with built-in draining systems and breathable materials like terracotta or ceramic. Use attractive woods like cypress or fir for the frames.

    Outdoor Furniture:

    Create functional and stylish outdoor furniture pieces, such as benches, tables, or Adirondack chairs. Use durable woods like teak or redwood that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

    Live Edge Slabs:

    Harvest live edge slabs from locally sourced trees and transform them into beautiful serving trays, charcuterie boards, or wall art. Highlight the natural beauty of the wood by applying a clear coat of polyurethane or wax.

    Wooden Utensils:

    Carve wooden spoons, spatulas, and ladles from hardwoods like maple or beech. Apply a food-safe finish and package them in sets or individually.

    Wine Racks:

    Build wine racks that can hold several bottles and glasses, using sturdy woods like oak or pine. Include features like cork storage and label displays.

    Candle Holders:

    Create candle holders from natural stones, wood, or metal, and pair them with handmade candles in unique scents.

    Upcycled Home Decor:

    Transform old pallets, crates, or barn wood into one-of-a-kind home decor pieces, such as wall art, mirrors, or shelves. Sand and refinish the wood to give it a distressed look, and add personalized details upon request.

    By offering these types of wood crafts at your farm market stand, you’ll appeal to customers looking for unique, handmade items that showcase the beauty of natural materials.

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