General Mobile Radio Service

The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service in the United States and some other countries. GMRS radios operate on UHF frequencies in the range of 462 to 467 MHz and are designed for short-to-mid-range communication. Here are some key points about GMRS radios:

License Requirement:

Unlike FRS (Family Radio Service), GMRS requires users to obtain a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. The license covers family members, so a single license can be used by an entire family.

Frequency Range:

GMRS radios share frequencies with FRS but typically have higher power and additional channels. In the U.S., GMRS radios have 22 channels, including seven shared with FRS.

Power Output:

GMRS radios are allowed to operate at higher power levels compared to FRS. The maximum power output for GMRS radios is typically around 5 watts, allowing for greater range compared to FRS radios.

Interoperability with FRS:

GMRS radios are often designed to be compatible with FRS frequencies, which means that users with GMRS licenses can communicate with users on FRS channels. However, FRS users are restricted to the lower power limits of FRS.


The range of GMRS radios is influenced by factors such as terrain, weather conditions, and obstacles. With higher power levels, GMRS radios generally have a longer effective range compared to FRS radios.


GMRS radios are suitable for a variety of applications, including family communication during outdoor activities, recreational use, and business operations. They can be used in scenarios where longer-range communication is needed, but a more advanced system like a business band radio is not required.


GMRS radios come in various forms, including handheld units, mobile radios for vehicles, and base station radios for home or office use. Some models also offer features such as weather alerts, privacy codes, and hands-free operation.

It’s important to note that regulations regarding GMRS may vary in different countries. In the United States, the FCC governs the use of GMRS radios and issues licenses for their operation. Users should be familiar with and adhere to the specific regulations in their region.