Citizens Band Antennas

Citizens Band Radio more commonly called CB or CB Radio, has a wide variety of antenna’s you can buy or even build.

Fiberglass Whip Antenna:
Flexible and durable fiberglass construction, available in various lengths, suitable for both mobile and base station installations.

Magnetic Mount Antenna:
Mounts magnetically to a metal surface (e.g., vehicle roof), portable and easy to install, ideal for temporary setups or vehicles.

Center Load Antenna:
Radiating element is at the center of the antenna, often used in mobile installations on vehicles, provides a low profile and is less prone to damage.

Base-Loaded Antenna:
Coil is located at the base of the antenna, typically used in mobile applications, offers a compromise between length and performance.

Whip Antenna:
Simple design with a metal whip, available in various lengths for different frequency bands, commonly used for mobile CB installations.

Tunable Tip Antenna:
Allows tuning for optimal SWR (Standing Wave Ratio), adjustable tip to optimize performance, suitable for both mobile and base station use.

No Ground Plane (NGP) Antenna:
Designed to work without a ground plane, ideal for installations where a traditional ground plane is not possible, often used in fiberglass vehicles.

Dual CB Antenna Kit:
Consists of two antennas mounted on a single mount, provides diversity for improved signal reception, commonly used on trucks and large vehicles.

Collinear Antenna:
Multiple 1/4-wave elements stacked vertically, offers increased gain compared to a single whip antenna, suitable for base station or tall vehicle installations.

Antenna Kit with SWR Meter:
Includes an SWR meter for tuning the antenna, ensures optimal performance and minimal interference.

When selecting a CB antenna, consider factors such as the type of vehicle (if mobile), mounting options, and the desired range of communication. Proper installation and tuning, use an antenna analyser or an SWR meter, are essential for optimal performance and compliance with radio regulations.


Note:  You can also use a double bazooka (coax) antenna or a dipole antenna on 11 meters (CB) citizens band radio , check out the double bazooka page for the measurements and the dipole page for a wire dipole, you will have to understand how to calculate the frequency, but there are several antenna calculator website links included. wire and coax antennas are often less expensive and easily portable.  They are also fun to build!


 The image of the Double Bazooka shown here was created by David – K3DAV, an amateur radio operator.