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My beautiful girl dog Miss Dakota and I lost Mid-South Homestead and Visual Media Fx Website designs on Saturday evening May 18th 2024.
Severe storms and 90 mph winds took the roof off, the rain and hail took care of the rest.
I packed up Miss Dakota & myself and left minutes before it hit. By the time I drove 3 miles, one of my neighbors that saw me leave in a hurry, called me and ask me what I was doing, my reply was getting the hell out of there! He told me there was no need to come home, because the roof was sitting in the field behind the house.
I cannot rebuild this mess. Being a survivor of two different types of cancer, 2 surgeries last month, other medical conditions and a few injuries, the homestead has come to an end. I’m selling what’s left of my beautiful homestead, It’s time for us to move on to a new adventure, what ever that may be. I hope Miss Dakota can handle it, she’s 13 ½ years old now, she’s been on edge since I quickly snatched her up, bolted out the door and put her in the truck and got out of there. Btw, she’s a 70 pound German Shepherd.
This is not the way I planned to start off my retirement but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt. I’ll have to play this hand as is and for what it’s worth.
Currently I’m not sure, but it’s unlikely there will be another Mid-South Homestead considering this has been my home for 35 years and Miss Dakota’s home for the last 13 ½ years, not to mention my home state for 62 years now.
Perhaps a smaller version of Mid-South Homestead? We’ll see!
Fresh veggies cannot be replaced by store bought rubbish, it’s never going to happen.
Till next time.
Be good, and be kind to one another!

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